Virtual Rock Camp


Session 1: July 25 - August 8

Session 2: August 15 - August 29


Virtual Rock Camp is a day-camp for girls and gender non-conforming youth, ages 8 to 17. Over the course of two weeks, Rock Campers get an online crash course in writing songs, playing an instrument, collaborating with a band, and anti-racism/oppression. 

BGRC welcomes campers that are queer, trans, and gender-nonconforming.


Campers do not need to have any prior music experience, and instruments will be provided. Please note that Bellingham Girls Rock Camp does not accept liability for personal instruments.


Registration for Virtual Rock Camp is via JotForm and can be found at here.


BGRC is committed to equity and access, and our Virtual Rock Camp schedule is designed to include activities in diverse formats, from fully offline activities to real time instrument lessons and assemblies. We estimate that Virtual Rock Camp activities will require no more than one hour of time online per weekday (Monday-Friday) and no more than three hours of time online on weekend days (Saturday, Sunday). We will do our best to support individual technology needs. 


We offer a sliding-scale tuition rate to ensure ALL rockstars can attend camp. The suggested cost to attend camp is $350.

We offer Full and Partial Financial Aid to keep camp open to everyone; inclusion and accessibility are so important to our camp culture. Please consider donating to our Rock Star program!


Session 1 of Virtual Rock Camp starts Saturday, July 25th and ends Saturday, August 8th. 
Session 2 of VRC starts Saturday, August 15th and ends Saturday, August 29th.


Each weekend, there will be online sessions for participants to attend, and weekly activities on and off-line.


Participants choose one instrument to focus on -- bass, guitar, or keyboard. Campers will receive two one-on-one private lessons on their instrument and two group lessons online. All lessons are led by experienced and enthusiastic musicians. Although we do our best to accommodate everyone’s preferences, some campers will not get their first choice of instrument.

We will do our best to match you with your first choice, but to form bands we need a certain ratio of instruments. Not everyone will get their first choice of instrument, but every instrument is awesome! 


On the first day, each camper will be assigned a band. The bands have band practice every Saturday, and optional practices during the week. Band members work together to explore elements of songwriting, including lyrics, melody, form, and groove. Campers will have the opportunity to write songs individually. Band coaches help with the writing process, facilitate songwriting activities, and answer questions as necessary. Older campers will have the opportunity to learn the basics of recording as a songwriting tool. 


At Rock Camp, we offer a series of workshops focused on self-empowerment and anti-racism/anti-oppression. Workshops will be provided as hardcopy ‘zines (short for DIY magazine) with information and activities. Supplemental workshop materials will be provided online via YouTube links, listening assignments, and Instagram Live videos. Past workshops have included A History of Women Who Rock, DIY Media & Zine Creation, Media Literacy & Body Image, DIY Merch & Poster Making, Character & Persona, Hip Hop & Intersectionality, and Do-It-Yourself Audio Recording.


Visiting artists/bands play a live set via Live streaming video, then they stick around to take questions from the campers. 


At the end of the camp week, campers present their original songs and creations at the Virtual Saturday Showcase for friends, families, and fans. The Virtual Showcase will be Saturday, August 8/August 29 via Zoom.

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